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Pony Up

The Pony Up! campaign will come to a close on
December 31, 2012. There is still time for you Pony Up!

Make a minimum $50 contribution to Rancho Los Alamitos and receive your own adorable Rancho pony, similar to one of the ponies shown at the right, complete with a “Circle A” branded Rancho bandana. Your donation helps to underwrite the Rancho’s educational programs all year long.

As a Pony Up! donor, your name will be inscribed on our Pony Up! banner that will be displayed at the Rancho through the balance of 2012. Make a gift in honor of a beloved grandchild, a dear friend, or to commemorate a birthday or anniversary and take away your own special pony pal. 

Pony Up! contribution envelopes are available at Rancho Los Alamitos or by calling 562-431-2541.

You can Pony Up! on-line below and we will mail your pony to your desired recipient. You won’t want to miss out on this limited time offer.


There is still time to PONY UP!

Please indicate the amount of your gift by clicking the appropriate donation button below.
You will be taken to PayPal for secure online payment.

Thanks to all of our Pony Up! donors for their support

Ambarian, Carol
Appleyard, Elizabeth L
Archbold, Rich & Patricia
Badgley, Jeanne E
Bailer, Mary Anna
Banning, Julia
- for Katharine and William York
Banning, Julia M. and Hancock
Barbee, Teresa and Ed
Barto, Craig
Bellehumeur, Alex
Blancos, Patricia
Bolt, Linda
Bradley, Susan
Buckle, Alice E
Cannon, Sue
Castle, Stanley and Linda
Church, D. Andrew
Cole, Barbara
Davis, Mike and Elizabeth
Ehrick, Barbara
Foster, Bob and Nancy
- for Darwin & Fern Williams
Franks, Marla
Gilleland, Larry and Lorene
Gordon, Randy
Gray, Jim and Gail
Gregory, Kathryn
Harris, Frank and Mary Evelyn
Hegelheimer, Chuck and Nancy
Hicks, Louise
Hinsche Otto, Freda
Hotchkis, John
Houp, Kenneth
Isozaki, Annette
Italiano, James
Kell, Ernie and Jackie
Levine, Art


Lovett, Colleen D
Maas, Majella
Maguglin, Bob
Maiser, Olivia Silva
Marek, Michele
McGuan, Kevin and Ana Maria
Miller, Jerry
Mitchell, Charlotte
Mitchell, Mary Ellen & Javier Gonzalez
Mizer, Randy
Owen, Joshua
Patrich, Angie
Pedersen, Rosi and Curt
Powers, Michael Ann
Preston, Jean
Reed, Carol and Stuart
Rodgrigo, Jeffrey and Jesyl-Joy
Rogahn, Theodore and Donna
Sangmeister, Sarah
Seager, Pamela
Shoag, Leo and Barbara
Shrum, Lynn
Simonian, Ralph and Ralph
Skinner, Frank
- for Donna
Slater, David
- for Signal Hill Petroleum
Smith, Barbara
Smith, William Ray & Patricia
Sramek, Nicholas and Patti
Stephens, Mary
Summers, Carolyn
Sziebl, Connie
- for Kim Sziebl Nelson
Taweepong, Nina
Taylor, Andrea
Tramazzo, Robert and Johanna
Van Raden, Linda
Walker, Henry
Wasil, Gail
White, Janette




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